Online Course: D.I.Y Dread Maintenance Course 

I’m teaming up with loctician Em Divine to offer 11 Simple Instructional Videos teaching you how to do your own dreadlock maintenance properly with the Divine Hand & Hook artisan crochet method!


Tired of paying a ton of money to have a loctician maintain your dreads? Sick of putting gunky product in your hair? Then it’s time to learn how to do it yourself, the best way. No chemicals. No wax. 100% natural.


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Save $1000 a year by learning how to care for your own dreads. Never rely on a loctician again. Be empowered. Get peace of mind.


Did you know?


  • Some people spend up to $1000/year on getting professional dread maintenance (that’s 5 visits/year at $200 each)!
  • Locticians generally charge anywhere between $70 – $180 dollars an hour for dread maintenance, and many use interlocking, which doesn’t lock your roots properly.

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Who is this course for?

  • People with dreads who wish to learn how to maintain them for themselves.
  • People who wish to visit a Loctician less and be able to tidy up their dreads in between visits.
  • People wishing to save money on dread maintenance costs.
  • People who want really tidy, tight, beautiful dreads all the time.
  • Anyone who has always wanted to learn how to do their own dreadlock maintenance the right way.
  • Anyone who wants to do as little dreadlock maintenance as possible. Because once you do your own maintenance correctly following this course, you’ll only ever need to do it 2-4 times a year!
  • Anyone who is going traveling and will be away from their Loctician for a while but still wants to have their dreads maintained.
  • Anyone with free-form dreads who wishes to start tidying them up or tightening them.
  • People who can’t find a good loctician near them

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What you will learn:

  • Divine Dreadlocks history & why you can trust that this method will work on your hair.
  • A bit about the Divine Hand & Hook method of dreadlocking.
  • Learn how to maintain your dreadlocks with a crochet hook properly and safely.
  • Learn how to lock in your dreadlock regrowth (without twisting, rolling, strings, or looping the dread through – aka interlocking).
  • Learn how to lock in the loose hairs in your dreadlocks.
  • Learn how to lock in the loops and bumps in your dreadlocks.
  • Learn how to tidy up your dreadlock fuzz quickly or lock it in.
  • Learn how to do more difficult dread maintenance.
  • Learn to separate connected dreads.
  • Learn to join skinny dreads to improve their sustainability
  • Learn how to avoid using any lock products or wax on your dreads


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A Note on the Price: $73 USD ($120 AU)

The course is listed at $120 AU in Australian dollars. Why does Em do this?  Because she lives in Australia. However, upon purchasing the course it’ll be converted to your currency. Based on the market, the price fluctuates based on where you live.

So for example if you live in the US, at the time of me posting this page, $120 Australian dollars is actually only about $73 USD. Yep, you read that right. 🙂 However, I encourage you to convert the price using this free calculator here:

…or just Google “australian dollar to usd conversion” and use any of the zillion converters that pop up.



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Meet Course Creator Em: Owner, Dread Head, Loctician, Trainer and Mom with 20 Years of Experience

When I first heard about Em and her vast knowledge of dreadlocks, I was so impressed! I had to team up with her. She has only ever received 5 star reviews for her dreadlock work and training! And is most passionate about empowering others and running an ethical, eco-friendly business! (Yep, she actually trains locticians worldwide.)

Em is an Australian-based loctician whose reputation for top quality dread work and high level customer service allowed her to gain an international reputation and be booked out 6 months in advance.

In the year 2000, Ema set off on an open ended adventure around the world and to celebrate her new simplified lifestyle, with minimal possessions and budget, she decided to get her hair transformed into dreadlocks in Thailand. She felt that having dreadlocks allowed her to forget about conventional western female concerns, such as hair and looks and keep her toiletry bag much lighter. Her dreads allowed her to feel she could better express on the outside, who she was on the inside  – a little bit unconventional.

A few months after getting her locks, she discovered that her hair didn’t dread on it’s own (!!!), so rather than let them get scruffy, she bought a crochet hook in India and began to lock and maintain her own re-growth.

As her dreads grew she received many comments on how neat & tight they were and most people asked if she rolled them a lot. She soon discovered that the majority of people with dreads back at that time, either had messy ones or spent a lot of time rolling & waxing to get them to encourage them to be neat & tight. She’d never had this difficulty, as her hands and the hook meant she only spent a few days twice a year working on them. And they were always neat & tight. No-one she met knew about the crochet hook method.

Eventually, she realised she had a unique skill in a niche market and began to charge a small fee when working in Brighton, UK. Em travelled to 25 countries and did dreadlocking in 8 of them to supplement her travels.

You can read more about Em here.


About the Method

Em teaches the divine hand and hook high quality artisan crochet method – It’s 100% natural! No chemicals and no gunky products!

If you want beautiful, neat, tight, permanent dreads you want to forget the painful tight back-combing for hours, forget the chemicals and pipe cleaners, forget the salon, forget the YouTube videos that teach you hundreds of non experienced ways to make dreads and forget the wax!

Check out this testimonial!


I have very fine hair, will it work for me?

Yes! The Divine Hand & Hook crochet method of dreadlocking works on all hair types whether they’re fine, medium or thick, caucasian, asian, afro or other.

Will it work for all hair types?

Yes! The Divine Hand & Hook method is the best dreadlocking method BECAUSE it works equally well on ALL hair types! And it means you can stop using ALL products!

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own. If any business involved stops operating you will be notified and given the change to download all videos for lifelong access no matter what.

Do you give refunds if I find no value in the course?

If you practice the techniques in this course there will be great value for you. However, if you feel you made a mistake, you can write to Em at within 24 hours to explain your circumstances and by owners discretion you may get a full or partial refund.

Do I need any tools to learn from this course?

YES! You will need a basic locking kit. This is for sale in the Divine Dreadlocks Training Shop.

I have afro hair and was told that twisting or rubbing my roots is the way to maintain them. Is that what you teach?

NO! With the Divine Hand & Hook method there is no need to rub, roll, twist or interlock dreadlock roots to maintain them! DH&H actually permanently locks in the loose hairs at the top of each root in about 3 minutes and nothing else is needed.

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