Podcast Episode 10: Interview with Lindsey Renee from NaturalWithCreativity.com

Lindsey Rene from Natural with CreativityIn this episode, we sit down and chat with Lindsey Renee from NaturalWithCreativity.com, which is a website that provides creative inspiration, time saving resources and natural lifestyle tips for busy, creative women. We discuss dreadlocks, natural hair, common struggles in any woman’s (and man’s!) natural hair journey, common misconceptions about natural hair among the masses, as well as products that we have found to be the most helpful.

And as promised, here is a breakdown of the main products we discussed:

  1. Shea Moisture Style and Curl Kit
  2. Agave Nectar: used in some hair care products, as well as for sweetening foods naturally. For hair, it’s a great humectant that helps your hair retain it’s moisture.
  3. Coconut Oil: great for moisturizing your hair and your skin, as well as the rest of your body if you choose to eat it.

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