For some parts of the United States, the colder weather is upon us. Don’t worry there really isn’t anything to worry about when it comes to cold weather unless you really like licking poles, then things are about to get rough.

For those of you with dreads, you might start wondering what you might need to be doing differently in the winter versus in the warm summer months. Well, you’re in the right place.

1.Noticing Changes

First and foremost, you are likely going to be sweating less in the winter than you did in the summer. Your dreads will also be exposed to less heat and sun which are all great things.

Because you were exposed to those things in the summertime, there are a few ways you can get them back to full health before winter. First and foremost, slowly add a little more moisture to your dreads than normal. Because the cold weather brings air that is often more dry, your hair and your skin will start to respond before you even notice. Each day or maybe once a week, add a little more conditioner or clarifying shampoo to your hair just to really hit those spots that might become dry quickly.

2. Cover Up

Since the winter season is near and the scent of pumpkin is in the air, this is also the time of year best known for hats. Hats can be a blessing and a curse with dreads and here are a few things to be mindful of.

Hats will smash your hair down. You probably know this but don’t expect bouncy dreads after wearing a hat for hours at a time. Because of this, it’s important to get in between those dreads for a massage or for cleansing products so they don’t become matted and ratted up together.

In the same way, be sure that if you sweat in a hat, that you wash your hair so the sweat doesn’t stay there and then become worse the next time you wear a hat.

3. Fight Frizz

Since the air is changing and our clothing choices are changing too, take care to pay attention to your dreads. If you are noticing extra frizz the two reasons above in combination will cause all kinds of frizzy problems.

Using a good shampoo that will lock in the right amount of moisture and giving your head a break from the stocking hat are two ways to help, or avoid altogether, the frizz that is bound to happen. One of the best ways to fight this is in your sleep. You can easily purchase a silk headband or scarf to wrap your dreads in while you sleep so the frizz will relax at night instead of being more aggravated.

Just because winter is definitely coming does not mean that your dreads should dry up and suffer. Doing just a little bit of research and taking care to ensure you are prepared for the changing seasons is the easiest way to make sure your dreads stay shiny, healthy, and happy for many years to come.

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