‘Tis coming into the season of cooler weather. No matter if you’re in the North or South, East or West, you’ll likely see some changes in the next few months and a hat might be in the forecast. Regardless of where you are, hats are worn by many and for many reasons.

For those of you in warmer climates, they might be a work requirement or simply a fashion statement. Conversely, in other parts of the country, hats are worn for warmth or for protection and all reasons are good reasons to wear a hat. However, wearing hats can do some good and bad things to those with dreads.


Some of the pros of wearing a hat with dreads are based on obvious protection. This seems like a simple way to protect your hair from a number of things. First, using a hat to protect your hair from the elements is the best use. Sun, wind, rain and more cause harm to any kind of hair and dreads are no different.

In the same way, it protects from dirt, grime, and even bugs that might want to hitch a ride which is never a good thing. Wearing a hat in these conditions is such a great idea and it keeps you warm and protected in many different elements. 


A few clear cons to wearing a hat often with dreads are things like frizz, breakage, and clumping. Clumping is one of the larger problems. Especially considering those who wear hats for extended periods of time. To avoid clumping, remove your hat every few hours and actually separate your dreads from each other. This will prevent any of them from forming together into one large dread.

To avoid frizz and breakage, you want to always take good care of your dreads to begin with but also be sure to use appropriate products like castor oils and clarifying shampoos. When using these key products, don’t wear a hat for more than a few hours if possible and make sure there’s no friction on your hair while the hat is on. This will help prevent breakage and frizz so when you do remove the hat it looks just as stylish as before.

Dreads are a great style for any season but as colder weather approaches, be sure to take care of your dreads while you take care of yourself. Wear a hat when it’s most appropriate and take care to ensure that the hat is an accessory and not a problematic fashion piece. Every set of dreads is different and learning about how your hair reacts to these elements is an important part of the dreaded journey.

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