In order to have long-lasting, healthy, shiny dreadlocks, it’s going to take some work. That work might even need to be required when you are literally doing nothing.

Taking good care of your dreads is the only way to ensure that you have a good experience with them. Lazy people get lazy-looking dreads and those just don’t look good. If you are about to or have made the commitment to dreadlocks, there are some key factors you need to know about in regards to how to protect your dreads so they can grow and be everything you want them to be.

1. To Wash or Not To Wash

Washing your hair is good in every sense of the word. Dreads or no dreads, it is a crucial hygienic part of being a clean human to wash your hair. However, washing dreads is a different tale.

You will be washing your dreads less frequently than you might your normal, non-dreaded hair, but you will also be taking extra precautions during each of those crucial washes. You will need a great clarifying shampoo to clean both your dreads and your scalp without leaving one too oily or one too dry. It’s a delicate balance and needs the extra attention.

2. Sleep Tight

You might not even think about taking care of your hair when you sleep but with dreads, this is an essential part. First and foremost, you should no longer be going to sleep with wet hair. Dreads don’t dry that way and you will end up with hair that smells funny and feels funny too.

Not only that but make sure you aren’t damaging them in your sleep is also crucial. Sleeping with a wrap or a headscarf on will take some getting used to but it will be totally worth it when you have healthy, clean, and well-maintained dreadlocks.

3. Track Seasonal Changes

With the changing of seasons from hot to cool, cool to freezing, and then freezing to rainy, dreads will need to be protected in all weather and season types. Finding great shampoos, protectant oils, sweat proof headbands, and soft hats and scarves will be the key to making the healthy transition from season to season.

Doing your research and being proactive about having the supplies, tools, and products needed when seasons are changing will make every transition easier and make everyone wonder how your dreads stay healthy through any time of year!

Dreads are a big commitment and they should not be taken lightly. If you aren’t ready to take care and protect your dreadlocks then your journey will be a difficult one that may lead to a poor overall dread experience. You have total control of your routines and the things you do to make sure your dreads are clean, healthy, and everything you imagined.

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