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Dreadlocks are a big decision, whether you like it or not. Sure, there are ways to try dreads without a full-blown set of dreads but when you think about dreadlocks you’ll want to really examine a few questions before you set your sights on dreadlocks.

Is this an impulsive decision?

The first question you should ask is about your own impulsivity. Dreads are one hairstyle that will definitely make a statement and depending on where you are in your life, that drastic change might be something you are ready for or might not be.

You want to be sure that before getting dreads that you are not just getting them for a change of pace. They are something you will need to do research about to make sure you have everything in order to maintain them after they have been dreaded. Don’t let dreads be an impulsive choice and do your due diligence to ensure you’re ready to take proper care of them because great dreads will make you much happier.

Will the jeopardize any part of your life?

Another question you’ll want to ask about dreadlocks is to see if they will cause any issues in your daily life. As much as you – and the close friends around you – might be supportive of the idea of getting dreads, you will also want to test the waters with those you work with, you communicate with, and those members further outside your immediate circle.

Though opinions on dreadlocks are changing there are still some old stereotypes that exist in the professional space. This is why thinking through all of the places you will be, people you will interact with so that you won’t jeopardize any part of your work life or social life.

Will this work with my current lifestyle?

Speaking of various parts of your life, there are parts of your life that all come together to design the kind of lifestyle you have and you want to have. This is another huge question to ask yourself is how will dreads work with your lifestyle.

It might seem like a crazy question, but dreadlocks have a way of changing your lifestyle in a few small ways but they can seem like larger changes. Dreadlocks have different needs and qualities that non-dreaded hair and the maintenance alone will force you to change a few things about your lifestyle. They could also have an effect on some of the habits you might have as well.

Dreadlocks are for everyone and anyone who thinks they want dreadlocks should feel confident in getting them but doing research, asking yourself key questions, and making sure that the changes you will see once you get dreads aren’t going to cause issues are a big part of the pre-dread decision-making.

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