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I’ll be updating this section constantly. As narcissistic as I can be, I would be thrilled to throw up photos of other people’s mad style, so feel free to send me your own photo of your dreadlocks from the Contact Page. You can upload a photo directly from there.

Wedding Dreadlock Style

To get the slight curliness in this one, I did the Bantu knots (see below) the evening before, and then took them out the morning of my wedding. If I would have left the Bantu knots in longer, I would have gotten more extreme curliness. However, I was pleased with the result.

Wedding Dreadlock Style

Yes, this is me from my wedding, folks. Fun!

Wedding Dreadock Style Shot 2

Bantu Knots! Easy and Stylish.

I’d like to post my own video tutorial on how to do this. In the meantime, check out Chescaleigh on YouTube. She has a great tutorial up on how to do them.

Bantu Dreadlock Knots

Side view. Cool texture.

Bantu Dreadlock Knots

Front view.

A Dreadlock Hairstyle for Bridesmaids

Recently I was in a wedding as a bridesmaid, and had to come up with a quick style for my dreads the morning of the wedding. There was no hair plan whatsoever, which is how I often roll. The great thing about dreadlocks is that, when they are long enough, you can whip them up and do practically anything. I would argue – and I have non-dreadies confirm this – that dreadlocked hair is in fact more flexible than unlocked hair, basically because however you twist it around, it pretty much holds it shaped. So, that morning, I took literally 5 minutes and did a semi-up do. For safety’s sake, I secured it with a few ponytail holders, but I could have gone without. Check it out:

Bridesmaid Dreadlock Hair Style 1

Side View. Nice texture. This was before I poked the stray dreads back in.

Bridesmaid Dreadlock Hair Style 2

I was pleased with the top view, despite standing under the kitchen light and getting maximum shine on my forehead.

Bridesmaid Dreadlock Hairstyle 3

Back view. A style like this really showcases any color variation in your dreadlocks. Sweet!

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