The Divine Dreadlock Hand & Hook Method 

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This is the technique I recommend to anyone just starting their dreadlocks, no matter what hair type or ethnicity you are. Yes, I say this as an African American. It’s based off of the “crochet hook method”, which I stumbled upon years when doing an online search for different ways to start locs. (It was years after I’d started my own dreads, but I still like to do research from time to time in order to stay current for this blog).

Crochet Hook Dreads

Apparently it’s been popular over in Thailand for years, but only just started catching in other countries more recently. When done correctly, people are having crazy success forming instant dreadlocks. In a nutshell, the crochet hook method is when you use a crochet hook to form your dreads by hand. First, you twist a portion of your hair. Then, you take a crochet hook and insert it into the loc. Then, you gently pull the loose hair through the loc, move to a slightly different spot of the dread, and do it again and again. Work your way down the loc. It’ll look like you’re jabbing your hair over and over again.

I’ll admit it: This is the method I wish I’d known when I started my locs years ago. When done correctly, you can have permanent locs within days, if not a day or two (with someone helping you). Does it take a bit of effort? Sure. But no more than other dreadlock techniques. And it’s way more effective.

Professional loctician Em Divine, from Divide Dreadlocks, further refined the crochet hook method and created the Divine Dreadlock Hand & Hook Method.

She initially discovered the magic tool to make dreads after she had her own made in Thailand with a crochet hook. She then learned to maintain them herself using a crochet hook, and eventually began teaching fellow dreadies her unique method of creating and maintaining dreads without any products like gunky beeswax or wires (yes, I’ve tried wires in the past. Not good). Fast forward to today, and she trains people of all ethnicities and hair types from all over the world to become professional locticians if they so desire. She believes that dreadlocks are meant to be a simple hairstyle, a freedom of expression to ENJOY and not one that involves work!

With the right instruction, it’s easy to learn yourself.  And as long as you have enough original hair length to begin with, this method should work for you. IF you hear stories about the crochet hook method damaging dreads, it’s either because they used an incorrect technique, used an incorrect tool, were too rough, or all of the above.

Detailed instruction is best for this technique. That’s why Em and I teamed up to bring you a FREE PDF E-Guide to walk you step-by-step through the process of starting dreads from scratch.



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Note: This PDF eguide is for those who want to learn how to CREATE dreads. If you ALREADY HAVE DREADS but need to learn how to maintain them, I recommend Em’s online maintenance course HERE.



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