There are plenty of rumors, false ideologies, and fallacies about getting dreads having dreads and more that scare people from getting them. If you recall, I did an earlier post about Common Myths and Misconceptions about Dreads, and that was the tip of the iceberg.

This happens all the time with subjects that are bit misunderstood. What people don’t understand, they often reject. However, with a little research and question-asking, you will find that these myths can be debunked to prove that you can’t take information at face-value and that there is always more than one side to the story.

Dreads have their own set of myths that surround them, and it’s about time we spoke some truth to clear the air and to clear your conscience about these questions as they arise.


Three More Dread Myths

1. Dreads Smell Funny

You’ve probably heard it hundreds of times. The topic comes up and people think that they are experts when they’re not. Here’s the truth, dreads don’t smell any different than your hair. They smell, well, like hair!

When you take care of your dreads properly, they will not stink. That being said, if you are putting a ton of product or oils in your hair to “help” your dreads, that might be the start of a stinky problem.

Read carefully about the products you are using in your hair to make sure that what you are using is not going to leave residue or cause unwanted smells that will stick around in your hair long after they’ve been washed.

Long story short, if your dreads smell funky, odds are you aren’t doing something right.


2. Just Stop Washing Your Hair

Contrary to popular belief, this is not the best way to get dreads. When you stop washing your hair, your body will compensate by creating oils because it thinks that you are lacking them. This is just like how everyone gets greasy hair after a few days of skipped showers.

However, these oils will actually make it harder to dread your hair. Instead, washing and drying out your hair will allow the knots to form much easier. Oil is a lubricant; everyone knows that therefore when you try to knot things that are lubricated, it’s not easy.


3. Only People with Thick Hair Can Have Dreads

This is also a misconception that some people seem to have. Though having thin hair can be from your family genes, your age, or a number of other factors, it does not have the power to dictate whether you can dread your hair or not.

Depending on the look you would like to achieve by dreading your hair, thick hair will look differently than thin hair and that has to be taken into consideration as well, but thin hair can actually be hidden by dreading it. There are virtually no rules to who can and cannot dread their hair, so do not let this fear make you rethink dreading your hair!

What other myths have you heard? I’m sure the list goes on and on. If you are hearing these myths, share these articles with people who need to understand the truth behind dreads.

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