There seem to be so many factors to think about when it comes to getting dreadlocks that it can be easy to say they are not much less to deal with than hair that is not dreaded. However, there are still many more benefits to dreadlocks than what you might think.

Though there are tips and tricks and things to remember before getting dreads, there might be something very important that you’re leaving out. It’s a hair product that is so simple to use and often underestimated. But first, you need to know some important rules of dreads for what to do and what not to do.

Keep Them Dry

First and foremost, as you have probably heard often and loudly, you need to keep your dreads dry. There are a number of reasons for this as well. First, dry hair dreads better all around. When your hair strands are dry, they wrap and knot together much better which keeps dreads in their shape longer.

Similarly, keeping them dry also requires that you pay attention when washing them. After washing your dreads, which you won’t do often, you will need to dry them thoroughly so they are healthy and don’t keep any moisture caught in the center of the dreadlock. If this happens, they can become rotten from the inside, produce mildew, and then start to stink!

Disadvantages of Oily Dreads

In the same breath of keeping your dreads dry, there are some obvious disadvantages. Dry hair might cause your scalp to be itchy, but this is much better than the alternative. Dreads can often get oily and moist in ways that are less than ideal.

As aforementioned, wet dreads that aren’t given the chance to fully dry are a bad situation all around, but oily dreads are just as bad. Because the dryness can bother some people with dreads, they look to oils to keep the healthy moisture in. While this is a good instinct, too much oil can also be a bad thing.

Secret Ingredient: Sea Salt Spray

Finally, the secret weapon that all people who have dreads should be considering; sea salt spray. Sea salt spray is one hair product that you need to have in your bathroom that should become a part of your daily routine if possible.

The benefits of this spray are countless from drying out your hair and protecting it at the same time. One of the largest benefits is that you can add a bit of moisture as well as dryness at the same time. The water helps clean and dry out your dreads helping them stay together for longer. This is one of the key factors that people with dreads struggle with, moisture where necessary, and dryness where necessary too.

If you aren’t convinced to give some salt spray a try in your hair, you might want to give it an honest effort for starters. You might be surprised how much this helps maintain the look and feel of dreadlocks without being too dry or too oily to find the right balance that will make your dreadlocks feel great and look even better.

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  1. What tips can you provide for tightening the loose roots in Caucasian locs? My hair is normally very fine and it’s not locking at the roots on it’s own. I worry about residue and buildup in product but don’t know what to do. Do you have advice? My locs are a bit over a year old and shoulder length. Thank you and I live following your blog!

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