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People with dreadlocks can exist in any part of life that you may encounter. Especially now, dreadlocks are everywhere, and most employers and institution are becoming more accepting of dreadlocks as well. Teachers, baristas, data analysts, and more all can have dreadlocks and rock them, but some situations and jobs seem to fit almost perfectly with those people with dreadlocks.

There’s been a definite swing in how many situations are much more accepting of dreadlocks, and it’s shown a lot in the media and outside the media. However, some of the most fashionable dreadlock looks are often clean, sleek, and sharp-looking. If this is a lesson of any sorts, it should be a lesson to make sure that you are taking great care of your dreads so that your hair will never be a topic of contention.


One of the most famous and most-fitting dreadlocks jobs is being a musician. Aside from the obvious and historical ties to reggae music and such, dreadlocks have fit themselves into any type of music which is a beautiful thing in culture and media.

Rappers, hip-hop artists, pop artists, and even some famous people on the Broadway stage have had dreadlocks over the last five years. Dreadlocks are a creative style, and it fits well with all types of musicians and these are both a stylish way to express yourself and a super easy hairstyle for some of the busiest people in our world.

Hairstylists & Barbers

If this isn’t obvious enough, hairstylists are easily some of the most stylish people around. They can change their hair whenever they want by cuts, styles, or even colors if they want. But there also seem to be a lot of stylists and barbers out there who want to rock dreadlocks. Barbershops and some hair studios actually do dreadlocks, so it seems only natural that someone who has or who has had dreads before providing the service for others.

Strangely though, most hairstylists and barbers who have dreads are men. Maybe is the fun of changing your hair all the time that intrigues women more, but those in the hair industry who provide dreadlocks are usually men who have them. It seems like a perfect style for this job. You hardly do anything for it to look great, you can educate others on your dreads, and you also get to have a low-maintenance hairstyle that looks great every day.


Sure, there are some stereotypical ideas about baristas and others who serve in the coffee shop real, but this stereotype, arguably, is not a bad one! Baristas are some of the most stylish and creative people. They are the type that enjoys writing, reading, and drinking craft beers on the rooftops. They also have fantastic hair. Some rock colors, cuts, or accessories that are unique, but there are also a large number of baristas rocking dreadlocks.

Being a barista is and is not what it’s cracked up to be. It’s a neat job, with usually pretty nice people to work with, and allows you to serve others with something you really enjoy, coffee. However, it’s also a busy and sometimes stressful job. Being a barista and having dreadlocks seem like a match made in heaven. If you keep your dreads in excellent condition, you’ll likely get a lot of positive feedback from your visitors and co-workers, and it’s also a style that you can have when you roll out of bed for that 6:00 am morning shift.

It goes without saying that dreadlocks are becoming more and more of a norm and there are obviously so many other jobs that allow dreadlocks, so this is far from an exhaustive list. However, these three employment choices are often stereotyped as places with dreadlocks, but it’s time to take back that stereotype! Sure, dreads are a great way to grab attention and start a conversation, but they are easy to care for and easy to maintain. They seem like the perfect hairstyle for busy, creative people in any industry today.

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