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With dreadlocks of all shapes, sizes, and colors coming into style more and more each year, they are changing the normal stereotype for dreads in general. That being said, there are still reasons and examples why dreadlocks remain a hairstyle that comes with some apprehension.

Employers, parents, and society, in general, can give dreadlocks a bad reputation based on the negative stereotype they may have associated with it and they might not be entirely ready to break down that stereotype either. Against all odds, dreads are growing in popularity and people are getting really creative with their dreadlocks too.

Low Maintenance

One of the best parts about dreadlocks is their low maintenance. They are much easier to take care of compared to hair that’s not dreaded. Without dreads, if you want to maintain healthy hair, you’ll need trims periodically, masks or deep cleansing routines, and energy to style it every day.

With dreads, you will need very little trimming, very few products to keep them in good shape, and only a few key accessories that will create a different look every day. Ditch the blow dryer, the curling iron, and the flat iron and trade them out for a few small metal combs and a crochet needle to maintain your dreads at the root and that’s it!

High Versatility

The second reason dreads are so great is that they have so much versatility. You might not think it at first, but your dreads will look different every day and take very little effort to change the look completely. They can look rugged, sleek, or adventurous depending on the style and accessories used with them.

When you think about the people you know with dreads, they are also found in a wide range of career paths. No longer are musicians the only people who have dreadlocks and as they become more and more mainstream, their versatility will grow further.

Easy Styles

The final reason dreads are great is that they are easy to style. Along with having a lot of versatility in who can have them and where they can be worn, style is another realm where dreads should be awarded.

Up, down, covered, braided, and more are the endless options you have for ways to style your dreads. Your dreads themselves will look different each day. They will lay differently on your head, some will tighten, others will loosen, and the style can change just as easily too.

Style, maintenance, and versatility are just three of the endless reasons why dreadlocks are great. No matter what people tell you because we know there will always be opinions and stigmas around this style, just remember that dreads are a unique and creative hairstyle that can help express the adventurer within. It can show your style, creativity, and alternative vibes while still being a low maintenance, versatile, and stylish hair option.

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