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People who don’t know any better will say that once you get dreads, you can’t do anything cool with them. Little do they know that dreads offer almost just as much diversity in style as hair that’s not dreaded and one of the best ways to style your hair is with color.

Coloring your hair is a trend that seems only to have grown in the past few years and there seems to be a quiet agreement that the bolder, the better. The color choices are endless and you can easily go from smooth, chocolate brown to bright, neon pink in a few short hours. However, as much fun as coloring your hair is, there are also some rules, or precautions, to think about before coloring your dreads.

1. Moisturize

First and foremost is to prep your hair to be colored. To do this, you must moisturize your hair well for the two or three days preceding the color addition. Moisturization is crucial because to color your hair, you may have to strip the old hair color out first which leaves hair dry and often damaged if it’s not cared for well.

To moisturize, you could try a deep conditioning treatment, you could wash an extra day before the color, or you can avoid any products that might dry out your dreads a few days before coloring it. Pink hair is lovely, but bright pink, shiny hair is even better and taking the time and effort to moisturize before you color will make a huge difference.

2. Follow the Directions

Similarly, you’ll need to ignore the instincts you might have about coloring your hair without following the directions. Even if you may have colored your hair in the past, each time will be different and some brands of hair color will react differently with different hair types or tones.

In fact, if you’re nervous or considering coloring your hair without following the directions perfectly, it’s so much easier to pay someone else to do it. Paying a professional colorist and stylist to take care of your hair and give you great results is usually worth the money instead of the problems that can be caused by the alternate route. Do research on how your natural hair color and hair type will take certain colors and always seek professional help if you have any doubts.

3. Rinse Well

The final step of coloring your dreadlocks is to rinse and rinse well. With hair that is not dreaded, rinsing seems simple. You rinse until the water runs clear, right? Yes, this is correct, but with dreadlocks, there are more factors that can change this part of the treatment to be aware of.

You’ll need to determine the right amount of color solution for your hair to penetrate the dread but also avoid using too much so you won’t have excess color all over the dread and inside the dreadlock. If hair coloring paste or solution gets caught inside the dread and isn’t rinsed fully, it can cause some rotting or discoloration over time. Be sure to rinse your dreadlocks numerous times after coloring to ensure each dread is colored to the same degree and that there’s no leftover solution that can hurt your dreads.

To those who say dreadlocks are not a versatile style, get out of here! Dreadlocks are such a great style by themselves and can easily be enhanced in many of the same ways that non-dreaded hair is. Coloring you dreads is just one of the many ways you can play up your dreadlocks to create a look and feel that you’ll love.

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