To get dreads, you don’t need a lot to get started. Time, a friend, and a few tools are going to be necessary for this feat, but there are some key components you do not need that often are used out of fear, lack of knowledge, or poor advice.

Dreads can be done in a number of ways, and there isn’t one way that wins in a competition compared to the other. Each technique is different and takes different time and tools, but the end goals are always the same. You want a strong, healthy head of dreadlocks.

1. You don’t need wax.

The first thing you should avoid using is wax. Though there are clear and widely differing opinions on this topic, wax should usually be avoided, especially if you are completely new to dreads.

Wax is a bad choice for first-time dreadlocks for a number of reasons. First, it’s often used in amounts that are too much for one’s hair. It clumps things together and then things are not actually dreaded together perfectly. Which is not ideal in the long run, as you might imagine. Plus, wax can cause stickiness and starts a natural process of with too much added hold that isn’t going to last and will, literally, stick around for longer than you want.

2. You don’t need chemicals.

The second thing you should work hard to avoid is the use of chemicals. Masks, treatments, or chemical processes that one might suggest before getting dreads is completely unnecessary.

While each of you has different hair types and textures, the simple, and natural methods of dreading work for nearly all hair types! You don’t need perms, blowouts or anything of the sort to make sure your hair dreads the way it should. In fact, using chemicals before dreading your hair will never allow your hair to recuperate from that if you have it dreaded. Avoid using chemicals on your hair as much as you can anyway, much less with dreadlocks in mind.

3. You don’t need extra products.

Finally, if you haven’t gotten the gist already, you don’t need any additional waxes, chemicals or any sort of added products to dread your hair. The tools you need are simple and easy to find and all you really need to do is your research on the method you’d like and find out who can do it for you.

Dreadlocks really are, at the core, a simple hairstyle. In fact, the origins of it meant it to be a hairstyle with little to no maintenance at all. That’s how you need to start the process. Naturally putting dreads in will take time, effort, and some basic tools from your local store, but nothing else is required except some patience.

Avoid the hype and poor advice that says you need more than just the essentials. Getting dreads with all the extra items will cost time and money both upfront and in the long run. You are much more likely to run into problems down the road with rot, frizz, and breakage if you start your dreadlock journey in a way that isn’t entirely natural.

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