Tips on coloring dreads

Coloring your dreads can be a daunting task when you try for the first time. There are numerous outcomes that are possible ranging from amazing to not so much.

You may color your dreads for any number of reasons. Going for something bright, neon, or wild is going to be a bold statement or going back from those colors to a more neutral color like black or brown that will look more natural.

Whatever your motivation for coloring your dreads, there are a few key tips to make sure you follow before, during, and after color to ensure you are happy with the outcome.

1. Moisturize

Now, this should be a staple vocabulary word if you have dreads because moisture is one- if not the- most important part of taking care of your dreads. 

In the same way, moisture will determine how well your hair will take the color you have chosen to use. If you need to, delay coloring your hair for a few days so you can focus on showering and really lathering in the shampoo to both clarify and clean your hair but to also moisturize it so it will be totally ready to take on a new color.

2. Amount of Color

It’s a bad scenario when you get about three-quarters of the way done coloring your hair when the bottle runs dry. It’s always better to be safe than sorry in these instances. Depending on the length and porosity of your hair, you might need one bottle or more than one. The thickness of your dreads will also play a role and the sheer number of actual dreadlocks will also affect the outcome.

Porosity is how well your hair takes moisture and it matters in the same way to taking color. If you have naturally thick and coarse hair, making sure you have more than enough color will be worth the money to avoid the stress of having to run to the store midway through or getting a dull result in the end. Likewise, if you have thin hair in a lighter color, the color will do better and you might not require as much.

3. Directions

Just because you may have colored your hair before, you are not yet an expert. Make sure to follow the directions in the coloring process if you are doing it yourself.

Wear a cap while the hair color is setting so you avoid stains or dripping. You should also make sure to time the treatment. You don’t want to take it out too early or too late because they will lead to poor outcomes and potentially damaged hair. To eliminate the chances that you might mess up and have to redo the coloring, read the process and do your best to follow it well.

4. Wash After

While moisturizing your hair prior to the treatment is important, moisturizing after the treatment is equally important.

Post-coloring, you will need to wash and moisturize your hair a lot to do a few things. First, it clears out any extra color and chemicals. You don’t want those chemicals staying in your hair or on your scalp longer than necessary. Secondly, they will help keep the hair clean and shiny to show off the new color. Third, is to restore the moisture that was used by your hair to suck up the color and get it back into the hair follicles.

Coloring your dreads is a fun way to spice up the experience by adding bright and bold colors or to take a different approach and try a new neutral color for a change of pace. No matter the reason or color you choose, take these tips into the process to ensure that your hair will come out healthy, shiny, and in the appropriate color.

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