When you’re ready to get your dreads, and if you’re not going to attempt to do it yourself, then a dreadlock technician is going to be a phone call you’ll want to make. Finding a trusted technician is an integral part of the process when getting dreadlocks for the first time and making sure that you are getting a great first experience with a professional.

Once you find the technician you wish to work with, you’ll likely have a lot of questions. It might be in your best interests to ask these questions to your dreadlock technician before the actual dreading appointment. Asking these fundamental questions will give you some insight into their style, their expertise, and their help in making sure your dreadlocks start off well.

1. How long have you been doing dreads?

This should probably be the first question you ask, but the answer isn’t something to get hung up on. Asking about someone’s experience is only a formality and doing so gives them an opportunity to convince you about why they have the skills you need. Also, they might even have pictures or testimonials about past people they have provided this service for and will help you understand what kind of professional they are.

2. What method(s) do you use?

The next question you should consider asking is about methodology. Each person you meet could have a different experience in getting dreads. There are many ways to dread your hair, and some methods work better for certain hair types than others. Do your research to find out what practices might be best for you and make sure your technician is well-versed in these methods. From hair rolling, to backcombing, to crocheting, each technique will result in differences based on your individual hair type.

3. What products do you use?

A third crucial question to ask your technician is if and how much product they use. Typically, it’s recommended that you avoid using a bunch of different product types like waxes or oils when you get your dreads done, but there are people out there who think differently. Based on your opinion, you can get your technician’s opinion on their use of products or lack of when they do dreadlocks for someone. If your own views about the use of wax, for example, don’t align with your technician, they might even be able to recommend you to a different person to help you with your dreads.

4. What care tips can you give me?

This is another essential question to ask. When you meet a dreadlock technician and want them to give you dreads, they should want to go above and beyond to not only give you a great head of dreadlocks but also to educate you and share their own experiences. This is a key for almost all salon and hairstylist workers. They will give you tips on care, maintenance, and the tools you will need to succeed. You can ask this question before, during, or after your dreads are done, and they should be more than willing to share some advice with you.

5. What is your advice for home care?

People who know dreads well and have had dreads for an extended period always have helpful advice for caring for your dreads at home. This is a crucial component, but remember that this is not gospel. This is a part of your dreadlock journey that will be ongoing. You will want to ask this question whenever possible from people who have dreadlocks. Every person will have different ideas and suggestions on how you should care for your dreads at home, and each of these tips can be helpful. Make mental notes of these bits of advice and build up a list of your own to try and share with others down the road.

6. How often should I come in and get it checked on by you?

Also, some people don’t want to risk ruining the dreads by trying at-home care routines and will go in and make an appointment with their technician or another trusted dreadlock stylist. They will have these professionals take the time, care, and attention to update your dreads, fix any loops or hole, and tighten everything periodically so you can rest easy. Then you know that it’s done and done well and if you’re okay with paying for it instead of doing it yourself, this is a convenient option. Not only do you get excellent service, but you also make good connections and meet new people who care about dreadlocks just as much as you do.

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