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Over the years and through the history of dreads, there are been tons of trends to go back and forth through the style sequences and some are better than others.

Over the past few years, some dread trends have come and stayed strong year after year. These trends are some that are edgy and practical and super stylish and if you haven’t already, you should give these styles a try if you dare.

Shaved and Sheared

One of the hottest trends in the last few years is an awesome head of dreads with partially shaved spaces. Some will shave one side of their head while others might shave the section near the neck.

This is such an edgy style and can look different from day to day. It looks different both up and down and can be styled in any number of different ways to add a different look to every day. Some of the clear benefits of this particular style are the versatility and how awesome it looks, but it might have some drawbacks as well.

When you make the commitment to shave a portion of your head, it will always take time to grow it back out. And this time can be frustrating and it’s not something you can change instantaneously. Keeping that in mind, the style might be worth the risk.


Another stylish take on your dreads is an ombre coloring added to a dark set of dreads. In fact, it doesn’t have to be just dark dreads either. Ombre is a fantastic way to add a hint of color in either subtle or dramatic ways.

Ombre can be done in a variety of styles and colors and in a wide range of hair lengths and styles that suit you and your personal taste. In fact, you can do ombre any way that you want. Some prefer a blonde color at the tips, some prefer a color at the tips, but ombre can also be reversed. You can darken the roots and the top into a color that is not your natural color if you choose, too.

Small Dreads

A third trend that had caught on with people who have dreads is going for a tamer look as a whole. To do this, people are trying to create dreads that are smaller and in turn, look much thicker without the volume outward like thicker dreads will get.

These dreads will be smoother and easier to manage and will show off a better form of length and layers. Often when you think about dreads, you think of large, thick dreadlocks that are a bit unruly for good reason. These are the more traditional style and still very, very popular. Smaller dreads are purposeful and often more “clean-looking” which can play a role in helping dreads change the stereotypical look that some find less professional.

When you think about dreads and the trends that have come and gone, they will likely perpetuate and come back around eventually. Dreads are such a versatile hairstyle as a whole and these three trends are just a few of the many that have surfaced this year. Whatever style you choose and find is the right for you is a great style no matter what. Learning to live with dreads in a creative way and a way that gives you the look you want is perfect for both sharing new styles with others and sharing style inspiration that will last for years.

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