washing and drying dreads

You have your dreads and you might start noticing that your entire hair routine might need to be adjusted from what it might have been before dreadlocks. It’s true your washing and drying routine will need to change dramatically when you get your dreadlocks if you want them to look nice, be healthy, and grow well.

Washing Tips

For washing, there are three basic parts that need to be in place to make sure you start a washing routine that works well with your schedule and with your hair. First of all, you won’t need to wash your dreads often, maybe twice per week, at a maximum, but the process those few times per week is imperative.

Start with a good quality clarifying shampoo to really get deep into the dreads and clean them without leaving any residue or oils behind. From there you won’t need much shampoo at all. Very little shampoo will go a long way despite thinking you might need more. If the shampoo is good, it will do its job. Finally, massage this into your hair and try to get all the way down to the roots and into the dreads as much as possible and rinse extremely well. Massaging it well into your scalp will also stimulate growth so take your time and enjoy it!

Drying Tips

Drying your dreadlocks will be equally as important as washing them. If you aren’t drying them properly, frizz and mildew could become a huge problem in the long-run. The best two things you can do to avoid issues with your dreadlocks is drying them fully and properly. Never go to sleep with wet dreads, for starters, and to avoid frizz, invest in a microfiber towel to help soak up the water without damaging the hair.1

Ensuring that your hair is completely dry, even if it requires a little time or assistance from a hair dryer is much better than the alternative of getting rotten dreads down the line. Plus, when these drying methods are used in conjunction with a good quality microfiber towel, you will have clean, healthy, dreads that aren’t frizzing either.

Start this process as soon as possible once you get your dreadlocks and start healthy hair habits early. Washing and drying improperly could lead to many issues and by creating a routine and understanding the basic essentials to do it well is a great first step. With quality shampoo, a microfiber towel, and good hair habits, your dreadlocks will grow healthy and will shine for many years.

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