It’s obvious that dreads are awesome for tons of reasons, one of the main reasons why people are finally going over the edge to finally make the commitment is the maintenance.

Cleaning and care are one of the best parts of the dread journey, but it’s not as easy as you might think. Washing and cleaning your dreads will be a huge factor in how they look and feel. Additionally, the product will be in your hair for a long time so making sure to get the right amount and combination are going to be some of the most important factors to think about.

How to Wash Your Dreads

To start, a good quality clarifying shampoo is going to become your best friend. That is a staple in the routine of having dreads. This shampoo offers the best combination of moisture without oil and grease and dryness without the breakage. There are tons of options, so doing some research will also be helpful.

To start washing, you will grab your clarifying shampoo, and you will not need much for this,  and lather it into your hands as everyone does to wash their hair. Starting at the root, you will want to massage a lot of that shampoo into the roots and into the locks where possible.

The amount of shampoo will be far less than what you think you need because of the balance it is meant to create. Too much shampoo is just as bad as too little shampoo so starting with less and adding is usually best until you find the perfect amount your hair type and length.

After lathering and massaging for a minute or so to really get down into there to knock out any dirts, oils, or whatnot, be sure to rinse your hair several times. Ideally, until the water is running clear with no bubbles whatsoever.

How to Dry Your Dreadlocks

Now the washing process is super important, but so is the drying process. This is going to be key for those with long dreadlocks too because it can be easy to fall asleep or take a nap with wet hair but that’s a very poor choice.

If you sleep with them wet or cover them when they are wet this can actually cause what is called “dread rot” where the inside of the dread will retain more and more moisture and will actually start to mold. Yuck, right?

Yuck, right?

Steer clear of that mistake by first, washing with good products, rising thoroughly, and letting them dry completely before sleeping or covering them. Using a towel to pat them dry or squeeze them dry will help but a blow dryer is always a good option under a time crunch.

Washing and cleaning are going to be the bulk of your care routine and while having dreads does require a lot less maintenance than normal hair does, they still deserve the right care and attention to make sure they grow strong and healthy. Dreads are such a cool hairstyle and you don’t want to let them go dull or get too messy to where you want to remove them. Do your part to take care of them, keep them clean, and get good habits and cleaning routines started right away and your dread will thank you with a healthy glow and tons of compliments.

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