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Dreads, in the past, have gone up and down in popularity and in acceptance. As the years have gone by, dreadlocks, among many other once-taboo things, are gaining traction in everyday life and becoming more and more accepted in many facets of life. There are many factors that have contributed to the change of popularity in dreads and three of these are major benefactors.

1. Celebrity Status

The first factor in changing the way people view dreads is through celebrities. There have been so many famous sets of dreads that have opened up a whole new world to great styles, colors, accessories and more that bring dreadlocks into the mainstream world.

Not to mention, celebrities are wearing dreads in various facets of the media world. Dreads are in movies, in music, in TV shows, and more and have found their way to old, young, woman, man and everything in between. Being in the forefront of all media has permeated every part of your life and you are seeing dreads everywhere today.

2. Mainstream Acceptance

In addition to celebrity status being a huge reason why dreadlocks are becoming more popular is due to more mainstream acceptance. Linked in the same way to celebrity status, the more dreadlocks come into the mainstream world they become more and more acceptable. People are seeing dreads in so many places that the hairstyle has become so commonplace which is great for those who want dreads in the workplace.

Because dreads are becoming more popular, dreadlocks in the workplace are no longer rare and are so much more accepted in a general workplace. With the right attitude, the proper dread styles and good maintenance make is so much more acceptable in the workplace and bring to light the greatness of the hairstyle.

3. Better Maintenance Techniques

Finally, one of the most important reasons why dreads are more acceptable and more popular than ever is due to the amazing products that have been designed to take care of your dreads and keep them looking the best. Smooth, silky, and shiny dreads are always going to be more acceptable than dirty, frizzy dreads that have been pegged the “norm” in years past.

Due to better care and maintenance products and techniques, dreads have never looked better and with so much information out there online, it’s so easy to find helpful information to keep your dreads styled and in check for the mainstream world to avoid stereotypes and issues with how they are viewed. It’s up to you to make sure you are representing the dreadlock community well so that as years pass, dreads will become even more acceptable and more popular.

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