If you’re on the fence about getting dreads for any reason, partial dreads might be a great choice for someone who isn’t ready for the full set. Partial dreads still look great and are one of the many ways to “test” dreads for yourself without jumping head over heels into a full set of dreadlocks with not many options of undoing it once it’s done.

Partial Dreads

Partial dreads are almost just like what they sound but it can be different for each person as well. Dreadlocks, normal dreadlocks, are fully dreaded from root to tip in a knotted, twisted, and tied up together into long bunches of hair. On the opposite side, partial dreads can be similar and different in a lot of ways.

Partial dreads can be something as simple as adding one singular full dread into your hair. You can place it in a more discrete place, behind the ear or near the neck, or out in the open, on top, in front, or clearly placed on the side. In addition, you can create them from the root of the hair and leave the tip loose for a little while; maintaining the option to brush out the partial dread if you’d like.

What They Offer

The benefits of doing partial dreads as opposed to full dreads are that they are somewhat more temporary and give you the chance to test them out on yourself and those around you. You get the opportunity to see how people around you will react, if that’s something you’re worried about.

It gives you the time to create a dread, or a few, yourself to understand the process of putting them in and how long it might take and it will also help you understand what some of the struggles you might face with dreads in the future.

Care and Maintenance

The care and maintenance of partial dreads is a toned-down version of what full dreads will be like. This is the perfect time to learn what tools, methods, and practices that will teach you the right way and often the wrong way to care for your dreadlocks.

This is the best way to learn and learn quickly. You will learn that dreads do better with minimal product and that they do well when they are entirely dry before sleeping. This learning curve can be a lot to handle to learn all at one time when you get your full set of dreads whereas, with only a few dreads and partial dreads, you can learn at a slower and less intensive rate.

If dreadlocks are on your mind, partial dreads might be a great way to test the waters and learn as much as you can without going full bore into a completely new hairstyle and, in some regards, lifestyle so you are able to be successful.

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