dreads in hair

Every person has a different hair type and each hair type will react differently when dreadlocks are placed. For the most part, dreadlocks can be done with almost any type of hair but there are some types of hair that work much better than others.

The Thicker The Better

Thick hair seems to work the best when it comes to dreads. Though it may seem obvious why thick hair has a lot of benefits to it versus other types of hair. Thick hair simply put just gives you more hair to work with when putting dreadlocks together. This will be beneficial for a number of reasons.

The best thing about having dreads in thicker hair is that you have so much flexibility and less stress about the placement of the dreadlocks. With thin hair, the placement of the dreadlocks is crucial so they look balanced and full on both sides of your head. If dreads are not placed well there could be bald spaces or unbalanced looks.

Naturally Curly Hair

In addition to having thick hair, curly hair helps and naturally curly hair is even better. Naturally curly hair has the right texture and kinks that make it very easy to have dreadlocks. The curves and shapes of each hair strand make it easy for hair to knot and tie together which helps the dreads form and stay together well.

Curly hair is a huge advantage in many ways but can also be a bit more frizzy than any other type of hair as well. Curly hair is much dryer more naturally and requires more oils and moisture alone as well as when the dreads are in. Dreadlocks require a special balance of moisture and dryness so if you have curly hair, the balance might be a bit harder to reach.

Coarse Hair

Finally, the third and maybe the best type of hair to have doesn’t have to do with length, color, shape, or thickness at all. Coarse hair is one of the best hair types to work with dreadlocks. Coarse hair is the perfect balance of texture and shape to make the dreadlocks strong, well balanced in shape and size, and dryness to ensure they stay that way.

Coarse hair might be difficult to deal with on its own but when you put dreadlocks in coarse hair they seem the most natural. You won’t have to fight as much frizz as you would with extremely curly hair and won’t have to worry so much about the thick dreads that won’t keep shape, coarse hair knots and ties together perfectly and is extremely easy to shape up in your checkup appointments to keep your dreads looking great.

Regardless of your personal hair type, there are obviously hair types that work better than others when it comes to dreadlocks. On one hand, having one of these three hair types would be more ideal, but on the other hand, with enough persistence, education, and maintenance, you can make dreadlocks work for virtually any hair type. This is the true beauty of this iconic hairstyle and one of the reasons it continues to grow in popularity year after year.

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